Hi there! I'm Ivan, and on this page, I'd like to share a bit more about myself and what I do. I rarely talk of myself in my God-centered messages on social media as I don’t want the focus on me but on Him. I will, however, tell a bit about myself now. I volunteer full-time in a Christian non-profit organization called Reto, situated in Italy. We are running a ministry that aims to reach out to people from all areas of life, but mainly those struggling with addictions, as I was. As a teenager, I had an addiction problem and ended up in this place where I heard the gospel for the first time. Since then, my life changed completely. My desire today is to spread the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. You can read my full story in one of the links below.

It has been some years since I started doing something apart from my ministry. This is to write with the purpose of reaching out to people and sharing the good news. I desire to reach out to people who haven’t believed yet and those who had already, as we all need to be edified. I am not doing this to gain something or to attract people to any religious group or place. What is important is that you go to a place where the sound Biblical doctrine is preached and lived out. I am not pointing out any particular denomination. You obviously need to pay attention to where you go and who you trust. We need to have a solid foundation for that.

I have written a few books so far and regularly publish blog posts on various Christian topics. My desire is to reach out to any person, but mainly those struggling with their faith, as I know how it feels. I am currently selling these books on Amazon. The only way I manage to reach out to the right audience is by paying for ads, and believe me, till now, I have spent much more than what I gained, and I am not sorry for that. I would just like to reach out to more people. I am not asking you for any donations. The Bible says that as freely we have received, freely we must give as well (Matthew 10:8). Right now, I am spending money so that I can reach out to people and give them the good news. I am just asking you to support me and my ministry by buying some of my books, as this could help to reach more people and maintain my writing ministry.


I appreciate your support.

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